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Offset the benefits there

2014/1/21      view:

Many domestic manufacturers of equipment in the structure design, in addition to their original accumulation technique is fully absorbed the foreign advanced technology and increase the number of independent innovation technology makes the machine structure design level has been significantly improved. Hem ante, gripper mechanism fold diameter impression and transfer paper drum, pneumatic control (clutch pressure, ink road interlocking mechanism etc.) pneumatic cardboard, conjugate cam drive mechanism built-in spring gripper mechanism alcohol dampening, automatic or semi-automatic version mechanism basically has become a mainstream structure the modern printing machine.

The machine performance improved steadily

Domestic printing machine is now can be used for on-site printing show that start and stop time is over. Accurate overprinter within the prescribed speed has not become a major problem, specimen overprint error on display can be controlled within 0.05mm, the machine speed can reach 10000 R / hours. The field of printing, flat screen printing quality also improved significantly. The noise of the machine significantly decreased basically can meet the requirements of standard. Especially commendable is the north people launched the web printing machine speed up to 75000 tickets / hour has reached the advanced level of similar products abroad.

The degree of automation is gradually lifting

The degree of automation greatly improve the domestic printing machine printing machine production to Yingkou gronhi as an example, the eight open four-color offset press on the configuration of the CPC ink device, can be directly through the console control various color group ink quantity, the small offset printing press manufacturers is the first time using this mechanism. The latest production of a eight open four-color offset press is equipped with a full sealed ink quantity adjusting device, automatic adjustment of each duct clearance through signal scanning head scanning proofs on strip. LCD touch screen control, in printing equipment has been widely used. Automatic plate electric punching gradually become the standard configuration of the printing machine, the level is close to the advanced level of similar foreign products.

Offset printing technology has brought tremendous value to people, it will not vanish as soon as people think. With the influx of various digital printing equipment, operators will have to face more choice, but for some jobs offset is still the only option. As can be seen, offset printing machine is a good development trend, and still have certain development space, has not yet been Nothing is right. The good news!!