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Printed in solar cell inkjet technology to shine

2014/1/21      view:

Recently, the Swiss large-scale photovoltaic equipment vendor Meyer Burger is located in the city of Eindhoven Holland subsidiary Roth&RauB.V. claimed to have successfully completed the contract, provide an ink-jet printer for printing single high-performance solar cells.

By virtue of PiXDRO inkjet printing technology's Roth&Rau, Meyer Burger is the only one able to provide printing process for efficient photovoltaic cell mass production enterprise.

The contract also includes Meyer urger another subsidiary Hennecke Systems delivery wafer inspection system, the total value of about 3500000 Swiss francs.

Meyer Burger says, buy equipment for customers from Malaysia, is expected to reach production site in the country in 2014 second or three quarter.

Meyer Burger points out, PiXDROJETx inkjet printing system highly industrialized and can be widely applied to solar and electronics industries.

The highly sophisticated printing technology, high precision positioning technology and non-contact deposition technology based on PiXDROJETx system, is the only global suitable for high efficiency solar cell mass production.

In addition, the printing system can be carried out before and after printing, the printing speed per hour 900 silicon wafers.