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Shine Asia international label printing digital technology

2014/1/21      view:

In a number of Asian international label printing exhibition audience has more than 21000, far exceeding the previous exhibition 18000! Below we briefly consider digital printing equipment exhibition.

Belgium Xeikon show Xeikon3030 digital label printing machine. This is a digital label printing machine an entry-level, printing width is 330 mm, the dry toner digital imaging technology, there are yellow, green, black and color, five color, Xeikon 3030 can reach the resolution of 1200dpi*3600dpi, the printing speed of 9.6 M / minute, can connect after processing.

Epson showed its EpsonSurepressL-4033AW digital label printing machine, this machine is a general-purpose narrow web digital label printing machine, label it make production more efficient, more low - cost, meet the label market short delivery time, small batch and multi version of the service demand, the requirements of environmental protection and conform to the label printing industry.

The use of EpsonSurepressL-4033AW label printing production, without the traditional seihan links, no printing threshold, low cost, short cycle. This digital printing equipment used Epson exclusive patented SurePressAQ water-based pigment ink and the micro piezo print head technology, with rich colors bright, clear image, easy maintenance, environmental protection, high efficiency advantages. Following the May after Beijing Zhaohong printing was established Epson digital label demonstration center, this exhibition Epson announced the establishment of the digital label demonstration center in Shanghai mingli.

Dainippon screen shows UV inkjet label printing -- TruepressJetL350UV system is a newly developed, the use of a "paper" nozzle technology. Printing material width can be supported by 100-350mm, the maximum width can be printed to 322 mm, speed up to 50 m / min, is one of the digital color label printing machine on the market at present the printing speed.

TruepressJetL350UV uses a multi-level gray head of the latest, the use of high quality screening technology patented and advanced color management technology. These features are combined, TruepressJetL350UV can color order spray print smooth, bright harmonic level. The device can also and covered with plastic film, cutting and other processing equipment integrated wiring, improve production efficiency, provides a new selection scheme for self-adhesive label users.

Yingkou Basch launched Jaguar 330M UV monochrome inkjet printing machine and a Jaguar 300C UV color inkjet printing machine, this is Yingkou Basch independent R & D, has a number of independent intellectual property products, printing speed, printing precision, resolution, a number of technical indicators ranked the forefront of similar products. The standard LED drying even printed materials used more widely and energy saving and environmental protection, ink-jet system equipment with can also support printing in the traditional printing platform on the line.

The Jaguar 330M labels with variable data processing good, can automatically process variable data, system software consists of nearly a hundred kinds of 1D and 2D barcode.